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My first Sasha


I received my first Sasha doll when I was two. She was a brunette dark-skinned doll made by Gotz in Germany that my mother ordered from a catalog because she wanted a doll for me that seemed more international than the blond blue-eyed baby dolls of the time.

Fast forward to when my daughter was born many years later. I remembered my old Sasha doll and began looking for Sashas. Although disappointed that they were no longer made, I was thrilled to discover that they were still available on the secondary market - namely, eBay. I also began a quest to learn more about the wonderful Sasha dolls. Sasha Morgenthaler (1893-1975) began making studio dolls in the 1940s, each of which was unique. Hand-painted facial features often determined the character and expression of each doll through the artist's use of a paintbrush. Wanting her dolls to be widely available to many children, Sasha worked with a factory in Trendon, England to mass-produced dolls like this one from the 1960s until 1986. The Gotz (Goetz) doll factory in Germany also manufactured Sasha dolls. Unfortunately, Sashas are no longer produced

Fascinated by the simplicity and almost abstract quality of the Sasha dolls, I began repainting them quite by accident. I had a doll that I wanted to send on a trip around the world - Tilily Tangerine - and I painted her features and dyed her hair to give her a unique quality and appearance. I enjoyed doing it so much that I have continued customizing Sasha dolls.

In the style of Sasha Studio dolls, I have given dolls which were formerly mass-produced a new personality while retaining the beauty and simplicity of the Sasha doll.

And Now...

Most recently, I have begun to make my own dolls. I am inspired by and have learned techniques (via online classes, workshops, and books) from many of the contemporary doll masters such as Marlaine Verhelst, Susie McMahon, Jo James, Patti Culea, Arley Berryhill, Diane Little, and so many more. Seeing how other artists make their own dolls is creatively stimulating!

I'm a member of Art Dolls Only, an online group of doll artists who share in the creative experience through challenges, and who also promote each others' work. I'm also a member of the local Kokopelli Doll Club, a group who gets together monthly for presentations, workshops, and more creative sharing.

I will post information on new dolls on my blog as I make them; they are sometimes made available in my Etsy shop or on eBay under the user id allegromelody.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Send me an email if you would like me to put you on my mailing list to be notified when new dolls are available.

Melody Mock


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