Allegro Melody art dolls

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Slide shows of my dolls. They're mostly chronological with most recent first.

Art Dolls 2010

Art Dolls 2009

My newest endeavor, the art dolls are each one of a kind. They're made from air dry clay, cloth, acrylic paints, and other mixed media. They can be found in local galleries, in my Etsy shop, and occasionally on eBay.

Recent Custom Sasha Dolls

The customized Sasha dolls are manufactured dolls which are repainted with artist acrylics, often rewigged, redressed, and signed by me. Sasha dolls, which are no longer made, have a wonderful abstract quality and sturdy construction. Although they are quite different from my art dolls, working with the Sasha dolls has certainly informed my creative process. Custom Sashas are available in my Etsy shop.

Sasha Dolls from 2008

Sasha Dolls from 2007 & 2006



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