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Tilily's Past Travels: May - June 2007
Astoria, Oregon; Seattle, Washington
Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha
Tilily in Seattle

Tilily Visits Seattle, Washington

May 2007

Tilily had lots of adventures in and around Seattle. She visited the Sunbonnet Doll Club, went to dinner at the Red Robin, went to Tacoma for a day of "work" at the Tacoma General Hospital, and even went for a hike in the Pacific Northwest woods!


Tilily at Starbucks

Dinner at the Red Robin

Seattle Football Team

At the State Capitol in Olympia

Above: Hiking with friends in the Pacific Northwest

Left: Tilily goes to work at the Tacoma General Hospital

Right: Shopping for fabric

The Welcoming Committee

Tilily and Susanna

Friends in Olympia

Sunbonnet Doll Club of Seattle
Oregon pic

Oregon pic

Oregon pic

Tilily arrives while the girls are in their clubhouse planning a puppet show. Tilily plays one of the three blind mice. Minerva is trying to figure out how to make her farmer's wife cut off the mouse tails. The girls have chores. The include Tilily in managing the house plants.
Oregon pic

Tilily Tangerine's visit to Astoria, Oregon


April 2007

It rained most of the time she visited, so she had fun inside with her friends.


Oregon pic
Angelo shows Tilily his fabulous Giant African Rabbits.

Finally, Tilily and the girls have a babysitter one evening. Blacky reads a story while Tilly looks at the pictures and Ruby Blue finishes knitting her cardigan.


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