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Tilily's Past Travels: June 2007
Scottsville, New York; Ontario, New York; Sasha Festival in Portland, Maine

Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha


Tilily Visits the Sasha Festival

Portland, Maine

June 2007

We heard that Tilily was interviewed by Gregor for the Sasha Friends Newsletter. We hope to see pictures soon!




Ontario, New York

June 2007

Tilily has done all sorts of things in upstate New York.

  Tried to climb the largest maple tree in New York  
Rochester Doll Club meeting with a program on Hitty    



Tilily attends International Night: Germany, Greece, and Japan (above); Costa Rica (left) and Antartica (right)



Tilily Tangerine's visit to Scottsville, New York


May - June 2007

Gregor, Addie, and Jin Mae greet Tilily in the garden.   Tilily and Addie take a trip.

Visiting the Jell-O Museum

See Tilily posing as the Jell-O Girl?

Visiting a yarn shop
In the yarn shop Fish Hatchery The Caledonia, New York, fish hatchery is the oldest hatchery on our continent
  More pictures from this visit to come!  


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