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Tilily's Past Travels: September 2007. Tilily takes a holiday to Spain!

Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha
Tilily in Spain
This is one Big Bull!

Where's my red cape?

Thank goodness there are no bull fights today. I'd hate to meet a bull in here!


Tilily arrived in Stoke-on-Trent, England on 7th. September, just in time to join her latest host Anne-Marie in going on holiday to the Costa de la Luz, Spain. After being warmly welcomed by her new host's Sasha children; she travelled with a companion, Danny, safely transported in hand-luggage via plane and hire car to her first destination El Puerto de Santa Maria in the Cadiz province of Spain.

So that's how you do it!



El Puerto de Santa Maria

This town is home to the largest working bullring in the world, and Tilily was invited to have some photos taken inside, as there were no bulls or matadors present that day.



El Rocio

Arriving in this small town was like entering the Wild West! It is situated on the edge of the Donana National park; the largest of it's kind in Spain, and one of Europe's most important wetland reserves. The town consists of streets of sand and one or two storey houses, and rows and rows of churches and chapels. Every building has hitching posts for the horses. El Rocio is normally a quiet town with some bars and restaurants; but at Pentecost, the town comes alive with the arrival of the famous Romeria (Spanish gypsy families) for a religious festival and feast in which millions of pilgrims gather to sing the praises of the Virgin, who appeared in the 13th century and has become one of the most important objects of devotion in the whole of Andalucia. The lake in El Rocio is home to flamingos and other birds.

Where are the horses?

A girl could get lost here; the squares in this town are so big! Have not found a horse yet; but there's plenty of 21st. century horse power.

Plaza de Espana, Seville

This amazing building was built in 1929 when Seville hosted the Spanish-American exhibition. It is situated on the edge of the Maria Luisa Park, along with many other fantastic buildings used as embassies for each country represented.

It was used by George Lucas in the Star Wars films for the 'Royal planet of Nabo'. (If you check out the second Star Wars episode, Attack of the Clones, you can watch the young Anakin and Padmeyou walking over one of the four bridges and along the corridors of Plaza de Espana buildings).

Every province of Spain is featured in the Plaza with a tiled seating area featuring symbols and a scene illustrating that area's history. Seville is full of rich and beautiful historic buildings of which this is just one.

Tilily posing in front of the Plaza de Espa–a

Malaga province

After spending her first week in El Puerto de Santa Maria, Tilily travelled to the province of Malaga, beside the Mediterranean; where she enjoyed some 'chill out' time with Danny. She was a little exhausted from the all history lessons and posing she had done, and decided it was time for some fun. She stayed in a finca in the countryside; which was very remote and quiet, being situated at the foot of some steep hills between the towns of Coin and Alhaurin el Grande. The weather was still hot.

A Sasha-sized Palm tree

Cool; it's like a jungle here.

Can I have a chilled lemonade please waiter?

That should keep you out of mischief.


Off to the beach with Danny


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