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Tilily's Past Travels: October 2007. Tilily visits Nottingham, England!

Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha

Let's make a welcome banner for Tilily

Hard at work!

Nearly finished...


Libby, Rory and Alexa were very excited as the time of Tilily's arrival drew near. Alexa decided that a 'welcome' banner would help Tilily settle in and she and her friends got busy with their scissors, crayons and sellotape. Rory, being the bravest, climbed onto the chair to pin the banner to the wall.

"Mind your step...don't fall".

All three girls were very pleased with their work and hurried to set the table for tea. Tilily will no doubt be hungry when she arrives and a hot cup of English tea will refresh her after her journey from Anne-Marie's! Libby, Rory and Alexa wait impatiently...when suddenly there is a knock at the door! Hurrah! That must be Tilily...

Suddenly there's a knock at the door!

Tilily arrives - hugs all around!

Time for Tilily's welcome tea

Libby, Rory, and Alexa almost fall over one another as they each try to be the first to greet Tilily. Libby manages to reach the door first and lets Tilily in. Wow! What a wonderful greetingÉbig hugs all around! The girls are keen to show Tilily the welcome banner and tea they have prepared.

"I made the W and the O," says Alexa proudly.

Tilily settles in and enjoys all the attention ;-)

After tea its time to play. Alexa and Tilily decide to play cards while Libby & Rory wash the pots. Alexa thinks it's polite to let Tilily win, she is the guest afterall. But Tilily soon realises what's happening and secretly turns the tables on Alexa, so that she wins a game or two as well.

Rory wants to show Tilily her train set and Alexa decides to read one of her favourite stories while Tilily and Rory watch the train circling around on the tracks. "Here it comes again" calls TililyÉ

Let's play cards...

More fun to be had!!!

Here comes the train again...

Cuddles with Woolly

Bedtime for Tilily and Libby

Snuggle down...its late!

Is she asleep?

Lights out...sweet dreams

NOTTINGHAM adventures are to be continued...


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