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Tilily's Travels: March 2008. Tilily visits Penzance, Cornwall, England!

Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha
Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance

Tilily:  Penzance


by Eliza (aka Patience)

We were so excited, my twin brother Thomas, (aka Peyton) and I about hosting the celebrated Tilily Tangerine at our home in Penzance down at the western tip of the UK. February is not the best month to be exploring the UK, but Cornwall sees Spring earlier than other parts as we were able to show Tilily. The day she arrived was sunny even if a cold wind blew and we took her to nearby Morrab Gardens for her first outing.

Then we went on down to the harbour and would you believe it there was a pirate ship moored at the quay brazenly flying the skull and crossbones. We dared Tilily to have her photo taken in front of it - and she did!

You would think she was some sort of heroine the way Thomas behaved with her after that. The two of them got on like a house on fire. I began to feel quite jealous. Not really! I think she wanted to make an impression on him because in the evening she tried on some of my clothes and asked to borrow a dress. She looked very nice in it I have to say.

Tilily:  Penzance

Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance

The next day she wanted to go down to the beach and we had our pictures taken overlooking St Michael's Mount. You need to go over by boat at high tide but you can walk across the causeway at low tide. It is still the home of the St Levan family, but owned by the National Trust. Whoo, you can see from the picture the wind was still blowing. Wish you weren't wearing that dress now, Tilily?

You can't come down to the tip of Cornwall and not go to the very end, Land's End. There's a signpost there for you to show where you come from and how far away it is. What a surprise awaited us, it already said Albuquerque. Had they heard Tilily was coming? No, it turned out to be someone else's home as well. We met an American family and their uncle lives there. What a strange coincidence. Their Mum took a picture of us standing in front of the signpost, but the wind was wrecking my hairdo, so you are only going to see the one of Thomas with Tilily. Hasn't she come a long way from home?

After that we went off to nearby Sennen beach to scramble on the rocks.

Tilily:  Penzance

Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance

We chose a great day to go over to the Minack Theatre. This wonderful amphitheatre set on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic ocean was created by a lady with a vision, who must have been very strong to put all these stones into position. Her name was Rowena Cade and since she built it there have been shows mounted on its stage every summer, usually to packed houses.

Tilily and Thomas would show off prancing round the stage.

This next place is a bit strange. These stones set in a circle are meant to be merry maidens turned into stone for dancing on a Sunday. Thomas was jigging round and laughing pretending he was going to be petrified too. He says it's really a prehistoric religious site. There are lots of standing stones all over Cornwall. Really Thomas is a know-all!

Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance

More recent are the remains of Cornwall's tin mining industry. We drove over to the north coast to show Tilily some impressive views.

There are no mines currently in operation here, but they are trying to restart one in Camborne as the price of tin has risen.

Here we are standing in the counting house of the Levant mine, on the remains of the floor. This is a dizzying high place, and the mine went right out under the sea. Miners used to descend to the depths on a weird structure called a man engine that went up and down as they stepped off and on to the next step to change level. One terrible day the man engine broke and many men lost their lives. It was a very dangerous job. How brave those men had to be to face those hazards on a daily basis.

Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance Tilily:  Penzance

On Tilily's last night there was a huge storm, so we were quite worried about her having to make the long journey to Scotland. We were very happy to hear she got to Jocelyn's safely the next day.

Adieu, Tilily, this is how we will always remember you.


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