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Tilily's Past Travels: September 2007

England: Tilily visits Cheshire, England: The Apprentice House in Styal, Alsager, the Leeds Festival (well, almost)

Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha
Tilily in Cheshire Tilily arrives in Alsager, Cheshire 21.08.07


Tilily in England:


Tilily in Cheshire
To a very warm welcome from Kendal's Sashas

Tilily in Cheshire
From all 69 of Hackney Sasha Brood.

Tilily in Cheshire
Finally out of the box BUT am I seeing things?
Tilily in Cheshire
Wow! This visit looks like fun!

Tilily arrives in Cheshire

by Sarah Price

Tilily went to Cheshire.
Boy! Did she get a surprise!
She went to Aunty Kendals house
And a great sight met her eyes.

Her cousins were abounding!
They'd gathered just for her
Would she come out to meet them?
Tilily did not demur!

She'd come all the way from the USA
And boy was she impressed!
For single mum Aunty Kendal
Keeps her brood just so well dressed.

They had the greatest fun together
She didnt want to go
Coz Aunty Kendal is a top hostess
And she does adopt them so.............

What photos to look back on
What friends and cousins galore
What super clothes to try on
I think she'll be back for more!


Tilily visits The Apprentice House in Styal

The Apprentice House, built in the grounds of Quarry Bank Mill (founded in 1784 by Samuel Greg) at Styal, Cheshire, is where the unpaid cotton mill apprentices lived.

Tilily in Cheshire
Come down Tilily, you need a ticket!
Tilily in Cheshire
Practice writing in the sand??? I'm gonna PLAY in it!
Tilily in Cheshire
What will happen if I don't write neatly?

These children (all under eighteen years of age) were drafted in from local workhouses to toil long hours, undertaking quite dangerous jobs, in the mill. After work, both boys and girls, had lessons in the classroom or were set to work in the garden. On Sundays they attended the village church services, (some eight kilometres away) once, or often twice, during their 'day off'.

Tilily in Cheshire
Nice rounded letters, Tilily! Good girl!

Tilily in Cheshire
It's been a long day, can I go now?

Tilily in Cheshire
So, soot, egg white and water make ink?

Tilily in Cheshire
7 beds, 28 girls in this gloomy bedroom!

Tilily in Cheshire
Four to a bed on annually changed straw filled mattresses

Tilily in Cheshire
No way am I using that!

Life for the apprentices though was far better here than in the workhouses as they were given home-grown food and treated by the resident doctor. Samuel Greg was the first mill owner to employ a doctor to live with and care for his apprentices. The poor working conditions in the mill meant the children were often ill and suffered awful injuries so it made financial sense to speed up recovery times and get them back to work. Despite the long hours, illnesses and hard work most of the children were happier at Styal than they were in the workhouses.
Tilily in Cheshire
Blanket beaters NOT child beaters!

Tilily in Cheshire
T 4 2 in the parlour!

Tilily in Cheshire
Medicines kept out of doll's reach!

Tilily in Cheshire
They're not sucking my blood!

Tilily in Cheshire
I wouldn't like to clean this!

Tilily in Cheshire
Healthy eating!

Tilily in Cheshire
Just what is your job description?

Tilily in Cheshire
What do you mean, 'Wash in cold water and outside!'

Tilily in Cheshire
Give me 'Duo-flush' toilets anyday!


Tilily in Cheshire
Tilily learns to ride a bike!

Tilily in Cheshire

Tilily in Cheshire
Tent erecting mastered. Leeds Festival I come!

Tilily in Cheshire
Tent erecting's exhausting work!

Tilily in Cheshire
Camping skills learned. Leeds Festival I come!

Tilily in Cheshire
Leeds Festival. Let me in, I've lost my ticket!




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