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Update September 2008: Tilily is traveling around New Zealand, after a trip to Hong Kong. After New Zealand, Australia is on her itinerary!

Tilily Tangerine
Tilily Portrait

Tilily: Scotland
Tilily visits Sweetheart's Abby in southern Scotland
(photos and stories coming soon)

Tilily: Penzance
Tilily in Penzance, England

Tilily Tangerine the Traveling Sasha

Tilily Tangerine is a Sasha doll who is traveling across the country to visit other Sasha doll lovers. She began her journeys in September of 2006. So far, she has traveled across the southwest part of the United States up the west coast, flew across to upstate New York, went to the Sasha Festival in Portland, Maine, visited the Netherlands, Switzerland, England, Spain, Morocco, Cuba, Scotland and is now back in England. A number of people from countries all over the world have signed up to host her. Updates will be posted as received!

See where Tilily's Travels have taken her.

Penzance, Cornwall, England



Nottingham, England


Cheshire, England (part 2)

Cheshire, England (part 1)

Portsmouth, England

Zurich, Switzerland

Den Hague, Holland

The Netherlands

New York State; Maine, US

Oregon; Washington, US

Arizona; California, US


New Mexico; Texas; Oklahoma, US


Tilily started her life as a Sasha Sweater - the only girl Sasha doll manufactured in England with short hair. I read on someone's web site about an American Girl doll that traveled around the country, and thought that it would be a great idea to send a Sasha doll around the world. I sent a query out to the Sasha_Mart email group, and a number of members signed up to host her. The requirements are that they show her around their area, take pictures, send a message to the group, and send her on to her next stop. She has been featured several times in Gregor's column in Sasha Friends newsletter.

Tilily (Ti-li-ly) was named by my daughter, who is quite imaginative when naming dolls. She inadvertently became my first customized Sasha doll, as I thought it would be a good idea to make her look different from the other Sashas for her journeys. With advice from members of the Sasha_Mart group, I dyed her blonde hair red (discovering that you need to add blue to the "tangerine" color dye so it's not flourescent orange), repainted her eyes green, painted her eyebrows and eyelashes to match her hair, and gave her freckles. I enjoyed transforming her so much - and got such good feedback from other Sashaphiles - that I have continued customizing Sasha dolls.

Tilily's most recent stop in her travels will be posted here. She will eventually make it home to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but we are enjoying receiving messages from her as she tours.




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